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You won't be able to share your Nintendo Switch screenshots directly to X/Twitter starting next month

Nintendo has announced that Switch users won't be able to share screenshots directly to X (formerly Twitter) next month.

In a post shared to the website today (May 9), the company confirmed it will be ending X/Twitter support for Nintendo Switch on June 10, saying it will "discontinue integration" and "the ability to send friend requests to friends on social media (social media integration) from within the Nintendo Switch friend suggestions feature."

Nintendo provides more details on its official support page where it also confirms that posting features in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3 will also be adjusted.

More specifically, when posting from the mailbox in Splatsville, Inkopolis Plaza, or Inkopolis Square in Splatoon 3, players will no longer be able to post to X/Twitter or Facebook, "the data will be sent directly to Nintendo servers".

The same applies to Splatoon 2 in Inkopolis Square, with Nintendo explaining that "characters that appear and posts that are displayed in the Square will be replaced by data already prepared within the game software."

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In response to Nintendo's decision, the official @xGaming account said its partnership "remains strong" and that it's working with the company to ensure a smooth transition for users.

"The gaming community is one of the largest and most vibrant communities on our platform, and we are dedicated to enhancing and supporting gaming-related features," the post reads.

"As part of Nintendo's planned discontinuation of sharing content to X from the Nintendo Switch, from June 11th, users will need to download Switch gameplay media directly to their smartphones and share it natively on our platform."

Although Nintendo didn't specify why it will be ending X/Twitter support, however, it's reported that companies could be charged around $42,000 a month to uphold integration following the website's API changes in March 2023.

Microsoft ended its Xbox integration support in May the same year the new policy was added, followed by Sony with PlayStation support in November.

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