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Astro Bot Digital Deluxe Edition features Bloodborne and PaRappa-inspired outfits

Sony has revealed that pre-orders are now live for its upcoming Astro Bot platformer which is currently scheduled to launch on September 6. Three versions of the game are being made available, each offering their own pre-order bonuses.

The first of three - and the only version being made available physically - is the Physical Standard Edition. This comes with a pretty cool two-sided poster, as well as a PaRapper the Rapper 'Lovestruck Lyricist' outfit for the titular hero, a 'Glorious Graffiti' skin for the game Dual Speeder glider, and two PlayStation Network account avatars.

Meanwhile, the Digital Standard Edition contains the same bonuses as its physical counterpart, sans the poster for obvious reasons. It's also worth noting that these pre-order cosmetics won't be available at the very start of the game. An as-of-yet undetermined amount of progress will need to be made in-game before accessing them. Though it's likely they'll be made available very early on.

Lastly, there's the Digital Deluxe Edition, which crams in even more cosmetic outfits and ancillary goodies. This package features the Parappa outfit, as well as a Golden outfit and a Bloodborne-inspired 'Yharnam Hunter' outfit. Hey, if we're not getting a remaster then that's got to be the next best thing. Probably. There's a couple of extra Dual Speeder glider colors here, too.

The Digital Deluxe Edition also packs in the game's soundtrack, a digital art gallery and 12 PlayStation Network account avatars based on various Sony-owned properties.

While these goodies definitely scream nostalgia bait, they're at least not too out of place. Part of the appeal of the Astro Bot series is its reverence for the PlayStation brand and its 30-year history.

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