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UK retailer GAME is ending its reward scheme next month

UK retailer GAME is set to permanently shutter its reward scheme and Elite membership tier next month.

As reported by Eurogamer, customers will no longer be able to earn reward points from purchases as of July 15. Then, you'll only have until July 31 to spend your points before they vanish into the ether forever. If you're planning to redeem your points, know that you'll need a minimum of 400, which shaves £1 off of any store purchases.

A statement by GAME on the matter reads: "We would strongly urge you to redeem your GAME reward points prior to the closure date on purchases in-game store or online to avoid disappointment.

"After the closure date," it continues, "GAME reward points will be reset to zero and the GAME reward account will be closed, you will no longer be able to access it and you will no longer be able to redeem your GAME reward points."

The stoppage of GAME's reward points system is part of a wider number of changes happening at the popular retail chain, including moving many outlets into other Frasers Group-owned stores as concessions, such as Sports Direct. Other changes include the ending of GAME's popular trade-in system earlier this year, where customers could bring in used games to help reduce the price of new ones.

GAME has also seen drastic reductions and shifts to its workforce. Back in April of this year, the retailer told employees to expect layoffs and widely shifted staff onto zero-hours contracts. These recent changes mean that its presence on the high street is likely to greatly diminish over the coming years.

And if you're wondering what to spend your remaining reward points on, there are some decent PS5 deals, PS5 game deals, and the DualSense Wireless Controller is seeing generous discounts at GAME right now.

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